Tree Sit Day 5:Blast in KY Sends Boulder into Home While WV Tree Sitters Stop Blasting

posted by scott parkin

Day 5 of the Climate Ground Zero Tree Sit. In Kentucky, a MTR blast sent a boulder into a house, in WV they’ve stopped blasting for 5 days straight.

Here’s a video with aerial footage of the tree sit and some voice over by Massey CEO Don Blankenship.

[youtube b0RCV91sHAA&eur]

Blast in KY Sends Boulder into Home; Sitters Stop Blasting for 5th Day

We want to call attention to this news story out of Floyd Co, KY today. While blasting remains stopped above Pettry Bottom, a blast at a surface mine in Kentucky sent a boulder crashing through a home near Martin. Fortunately, no one was home, but two other homes have been evacuated for fear of more debris falling down from the site. It is exactly because of dangers such as these that Laura and Nick are in those trees.

All is well here in the Coal River Valley as the tree sit has prevented blasting over Pettry Bottom for a 5th day. Tomorrow is Sunday and West Virginia law prohibits blasting on the Lord’s Day. Thank you everyone for your continued support. Please keep spreading the word and encouraging more folks to come on down or donate to the campaign.