Talk about a crock of s**t; Mr. Lutz there are children listening

posted by Rainforest Action Network

This week, General Motors Vice Chairman, Bob Lutz, defended his remark dismissing global warming as a “crock of s**t.”

For a moment, the remark felt like a refreshing glimmer of honesty—a break from the company’s misleading eco-pr and green concept cars. But Lutz took it a step further by insisting that his global warming denial has no bearing on GM’s product development, which he oversees.

Honestly, if a 911 operator told you they thought your heart attack was a crock of s**t, do you think your ambulance would be coming on time?

As gas prices soar and temperatures rise, the last thing we need is a corporate leader stuck in the past; someone who lacks the humanity and the forward thinking to address the real problems associated with global warming. As product development chief of GM, does Lutz expect us to believe he is the best candidate for developing innovative solutions to a problem he doesn’t think is real?

And we wonder why America’s largest car company is unwilling to take the lead in better fuel efficiency and alternative fuel sources?