RAN Founder Randy Hayes On Why He Was Arrested At The White House Today

posted by Rainforest Action Network
Randy and Darryl 2
RAN founder and board member Randy Hayes and actress Darryl Hannah risk arrest outside of the White House protesting the Keystone XL pipeline. Photo by Josh Lopez.

This post is by Randy Hayes, a founder and board member of RAN.

Today Rainforest Action Network Board member Jodie Evans, actress and nature lover Darryl Hannah, myself, and more than 70 others blockaded the sidewalk outside the US President’s house.


We were joining a two-week long protest where more than 500 people have been arrested calling on the president to deny the permitting of Keystone XL, a 1700-mile proposed tar sands pipeline. Burning the greasy Canadian tar sands will further stress the cathedral-like rainforests of the world and cause more rainforest loss. Added deforestation will contribute more carbon to the atmosphere, leading to further climate disruption and yet more deforestation. It is a vicious cycle that is broken by simply saying no to the ugly pipeline from Canada.

Today’s non-violent arrestees joined the hundreds that have already been arrested in Washington, D.C. We’re saying no to this madness and calling on the U.S. President to say no to this ill-conceived pipeline.

[youtube lYIV-AnSoYc 550]

Many of those arrested today and over the last week were first time arrestees. I am impressed with the courage they summoned to take this step of commitment. This is the deeply deliberate attitude we need from all of you out there reading this if we are to stop deforestation, stop climate disruption, and build communities in sync with nature’s ways.

The red howler monkeys, jaguars and much more will thank you.

— Randy Hayes,
Founding Board Member