Jam Down at the Bank of America; Mountain Music Day of Action;May 9-10

posted by scott parkin

A coordinated Day of Mountain Music Action against the Banks that fund coal.

Bank of America and Citi are the biggest funders of the coal industry. Continued dependence on coal as an energy source means dirtier air and water, more global warming and the all-out destruction of Appalachian communities and ecosystems by mountaintop removal (MTR) coal mining. MTR is a form of strip-mining for coal by which up to 1,000 vertical feet are blasted off the tops of mountains and dumped into the valleys below. The process has already destroyed 800 square miles of mountains and 1,200 miles of streams in Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Recently as Bank of America and Citi continue to fund the destruction of Appalachia, Action Jackson, a string band from East Tennessee has brought bluegrass and old-time jams into bank branches across the south in protest of the banks’ investments in coal.

Now Mountain Justice is asking for musicians and others to join Action Jackson in a great big jam down at the bank on Friday May 9th and Saturday May 10th. Where will this jam be held? At any Bank of America or Citi location near you.

You don’t play Appalachian music? Well a boom-box and a CD playing any kind of music will be just fine.

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