I’m just one person! How can I help tell OfficeMax and Grand & Toy to support Indigenous rights?

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For all the people who live in cities where no action is planned, and who still want to get involved – we’ve got a great alternative to planning an action! If you want to make sure that your voice is heard, and that your local OfficeMax or Grand & Toy store manager hears our demand to publicly support the moratorium in Grassy Narrows, just download a pre-written letter addressed to store managers from the action website (the letters can be found directly above the map showing all the planned actions.) Just follow these 5 easy steps:
1. Download and print letter from website.
2. Sign the letter.
3. Go to your local OfficeMax or Grand & Toy location, letter in hand, and deliver it to the store manager.
4. As you hand the letter to the store manager tell her/him that you are concerned about OfficeMax and Grand & Toy selling paper products that are sourced from Grassy Narrows.
5. Email Annie and let me know how your letter delivery went.

We have only five days until RAN’s day of action against OfficeMax and Grand & Toy – and the momentum continues to build! We’ve got over 30 actions planned across the United States and Canada, and hundreds of activists are gearing up to tell OfficeMax and Grand&Toy to publicly support a moratorium in Grassy Narrows.

We are all excited about all the actions planned next week, and if you are interested in getting a group together to visit an OfficeMax or Grand & Toy location near you, visit our action website where you can download all the materials that you need.

– Annie