How Do They Do That? RAN NYC Sneaks Into Another Banker’s Meeting

posted by scott parkin

This morning, three RAN NYC activists snuck into Citi’s Financial Investor’s Conference in New York City’s Waldorf Astoria.

Despite the Waldorf’s reputation for screening party crashers, one environmentally-minded conference goer managed to get in to Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis’s presentation.

The room was standing room only (I guess investors want to hear about Bank of America’s plan for the current credit crisis) and activists distributed and left flyers around the conference.

Other activists also communicated with Citi employees about their displeasure about Citi’s funding of coal fired climate chaos.

The power-holders on Wall Street are increasingly being scrutinized for their economic and environmental shortcomings.

Hopefully, more activists around the country will take more initiative like this and join bankers and corporations at these events to ask hard questions and hold them accountable.