Dr. James Hansen endorses Cliffside Climate Action! 2 weeks until we take direct action against Duke Energy

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With just 2 weeks to go until we hit the streets of Charlotte, NC to demand that Duke Energy cancel the Cliffside coal plant, renowned climate scientist James Hansen has endorsed the Cliffside Climate Action that will take place April 20. In his words, ” Stopping Cliffside is the best thing North Carolina can do to stop global warming.”

We couldn’t agree more. But this is more than a fight for North Carolina, this is a national and indeed global fight against dirty energy and for climate justice. Thats why folks from as far as California, DC, the coalfields of Appalachia, and Florida are coming to Charlotte to fight this “climate change time bomb.” Please come to Charlotte April 20th to support us in our struggle to defeat the dirty cliffside coal plant.

We will be hosting nonviolent direct action trainings during the day April 19th in Charlotte followed by action briefings and speakers that evening. Then we’ll hit the streets on April 20th. Housing is available.

RSVP for the action at: www.stopcliffside.org

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Here’s more info for how you can help:

Mass Rally and Civil Disobedience to Stop the Cliffside Coal Plant. Join the Cliffside Climate Action April 20 Charlotte, NC

Cliffside Climate Action

Mass Rally and Nonviolent Civil Disobedience

To Shut Down Duke Energy’s Cliffside Coal Plant

April 20, 2009 – Charlotte, NC


This Earth Day join hundreds from across North Carolina and beyond as we converge on Duke Energy’s headquarters to demand that they cancel their climate change time bomb; the new 800 megawatt Cliffside coal plant. If built, Cliffside would emit 6 million tons of CO2 each year, and would be fueled by coal from mountaintop removal mines.

It is clear that coal is killing us. We cannot stand by as Duke poisons our air, destroys the Appalachian mountains, and fans the flames of climate change for the sake of profit. We demand a sustainable, livable planet, free from dirty energy. Honor the Earth this year by coming to Charlotte, NC to take action to stop Cliffside, mountaintop removal, and all new coal plants. The future is up to us. We will stop this plant!

The convergence starts Sunday, April 19th with a day of trainings in nonviolent direct action, strategic organizing, and other skills. On Monday April 20th, we will hit the streets and take direct action at Duke Headquarters.

Get Involved!

As we build up to this exciting day here are a few things you can do to make this a successful event:

RSVP for the action at www.stopcliffside.org

Outreach: We have posters and handbills publicizing the protest that we want to spread far and wide on campuses and towns. If you are interested in hanging some posters and handing out handbills please email us your address and how many you would like to receive.

Trainings: We have two workshops that we can offer if you are interested in hosting us. One is a workshop covering coal and climate change, from the impacts of mining to the harm caused by coal power plants. We also can do a Nonviolent Direct Action Training that teaches people the nuts and bolts of planning and participating in civil disobedience protests. (Just so you know, you don’t have to get arrested at the protest, there will be an area for people to hang out and support those that are engaging in civil disobedience without being in danger of getting arrested themselves).

Spread this call to action on email, myspace, and facebook!

Organize a bus, van, or carpool from your city.

To receive posters or set up a training contact: ashevillerisingtide (at) gmail.com

For general information contact:

info (at) canarycoalition.org