Chevron CEO to debate Carl Pope TONIGHT in San Francisco. Join us in protest!

posted by Rainforest Action Network

At Chevron’s 2008 Annual General Meeting (AGM), Chevron’s CEO David O’Reilly agreed to debate Sierra Club’s President Carl Pope on energy issues. Well, a year and another AGM have passed and the day of the debate has finally come. It’s tonight in San Francisco! While the debate goes on inside the Hotel Nikko, we will be protesting the true cost of Chevron’s oil operations around the world. See below for info on the protest tonight.

Join Us to Protest Chevron’s Massive Environmental and Human Rights Abuses Across the World!

What: Chevron’s CEO David O’Reilly is debating Carl Pope of the Sierra Club about the future of our planet’s energy TONIGHT, Wednesday, June 10th at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco.

We will be outside the hotel in numbers letting O’Reilly and media know that Chevron cannot hide behind optimistic talk about our energy future without accounting for the crimes of the past and present. We will have creative visuals from the AGM on May 27, but we need folks!

When: Wednesday June 10th. 5:30pm

Where: Nikko Hotel
222 Mason St
San Francisco, CA 94102

Who: Everyone and Anyone who stands in solidarity with communities holding Chevron accountable.

Why: Behind Chevron’s record profit in 2008 lies a systemic pattern of abuses: toxic pollution, violent repression, and disregard for the health and rights of communities around the world that are affected by Chevron’s operations. An unprecedented coalition of communities and activist groups made our resistance to Chevron’s modus operandi known at the company’s 2009 shareholder meeting, and this is the next event at which we can show Chevron this resistance!

Chevron’s CEO David O’Reilly is debating Carl Pope of the Sierra Club. While his company talks about “Human Energy” and touts its supposed commitment to a greener future, O’Reilly, while at the helm of Chevron, continues to expand its global polluting operations from Richmond, CA to Alberta. Chevron continues to ignore calls to stop funding the oppressive regime in Burma, to clean up toxic operations in Nigeria and the Philippines, and to take responsibility for its multibillion dollar mess in Ecuador instead of lying to its own shareholders and the public about it. David O’Reilly cannot speak credibly in this debate about the future of energy without answering to Chevron’s crimes of the past and present! We need to let him know he must answer to the communities themselves, and to their allies that will be standing outside the Nikko Hotel TONIGHT, lending their voices to the communities that cannot be present and be heard.

For more info on the True Cost of Chevron’s operations around the world check out: