Big Coal’s “New” Media Push

posted by scott parkin

Here’s how intensely strange the conflict around mountaintop removal is getting. Poster child of mountaintop removal Massey Energy’s CEO Don Blankenship must have hired some new PR people trying to improve his public image (not that it doesn’t severely need it) in the world of online social networking.


Now we’re seeing him blogging and twittering all up and down the information super highway.

Besides whipping his employees up into drunken violent frenzies, he’s just penned an online article, or something akin to a blog, on a website ironically called “” where he argues that global warming is a “superstition.”

He’s also on Twitter. Check that out for some pretty classic stuff.

My two favorites are:

“If you support democracy in developing countries, you must support coal. It gives them economic freedom. Denying coal keeps them in poverty5:50 AM Jul 29th from web”

“Californian’s talk of legalizing pot while Los Angeles plans to ban energy from coal plants. No wonder that state has a $26 B deficit4:58 AM Jul 28th from web”

Me? I am just waiting to join his fanpage on Facebook. Hopefully I won’t be the only fan on it.