Al Gore Calls for Civil Disobedience Again! Denounces “Clean Coal” as “Nonexistent”

posted by scott parkin

Last year in two different print publications, The New York Times and Rolling Stone, former Vice-President and Nobel Prize Winner Al Gore called for young people to commit civil disobedience to halt new coal fired power plants and climate change.

Voicing his opinion at the Clinton Global Initiative, Gore said for the first time in public that we are at a point in our world’s history, and in need of such immediate action, that if you are a young person it’s time for civil disobedience.

Sitting on a panel with Queen Rania of Jordon, the CEO of Coca-Cola and Bono, moderated by Clinton himself, Gore further denounced “Clean Coal” technology as “nonexistent” and called lifting the moratorium on coal shale mining “Insanity.”

Last week, almost a dozen activists with Rainforest Action Network, Blue Ridge Earth First!, Rising Tide, and SDS were arrested after blockading Dominion Resources’ new coal-fired power plant construction site in St. Paul Virginia.

Gore has called for rings of young people to stop bulldozers from building these climate polluting behemoths, the climate movement is taking him at his word.