posted by Jason Disterhoft

Today, a day after the biggest climate march in history, #FloodWallStreet showed the climate movement’s power, focus and commitment. 

Underlining Wall Street’s role in driving the climate crisis, thousands of people marched through and occupied the streets of lower Manhattan, risking arrest and shutting down parts of Broadway from 11 a.m. until after rush hour.

RAN was there, challenging corporate power.

The day began with activists gathering in Battery Park.  


From there, the group marched towards the Wall Street bull, where they sat in and claimed the streets: 


Poetically, the NYPD used the horns of the Wall Street bull to pop the carbon bubble:


The group then flowed towards the heart of Wall Street … 


But met a police blockade. The long sit-in began:


Activists “flooded” Wall Street with blue:


The action ended with police arresting 104 courageous activists — including Frostpaw the polar bear:


Remember — the action isn’t over until everyone is out of jail. 

Stand with the brave activists of #FloodWallStreet — DONATE TO THE BAIL FUND TODAY!