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Tell Mizuho: Stop bankrolling climate change, rainforest destruction and human rights abuses

Read the report: 2016 ESG Performance Report of Mizuho Financial Group 

Mizuho Bank is one of the leading financiers of rainforest destruction in Southeast Asia, the number one financier of fossil fuel companies in Japan, and a major financier of coal power worldwide. Mizuho’s financing of fossil fuels and rainforest destruction are fueling climate change and endangering both people and the planet.

In the last five years, Mizuho provided billions of dollars in loans and underwriting to companies that are burning some of the most carbon-intensive fossil fuels or converting rainforests into palm oil and pulp & paper. Mizuho’s lending practices are even linked to human rights abuses like child labor on palm oil plantations in Indonesia and Indigenous rights violations for the Dakota Access Pipeline. To make matters worse, unlike other international banks, Mizuho has made no meaningful commitment to address these environmental and social risks or put in place the necessary safeguard policies.

At this year’s Mizuho shareholder meeting held in Tokyo, activists offered Mizuho the “2017 Most Irresponsible Bank Japan Award” and urged Mizuho’s investors to demand that Mizuho fully disclose its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risks and adopt sector policies to safeguard against these risks.

Rainforest Action Network along with Japan, Friends of the Earth Japan, and Japan Center for Sustainable Environment and Society are calling on Japan’s big banks to stop financing companies that are putting people, climate and forests at risk. Will you stand in solidarity with communities, rainforests and the climate? Add your name and send an urgent message to Mizuho’s President & Group CEO Yasuhiro Sato.

Full report and resources:

English, Full report: 2016 ESG Performance Report of Mizuho Financial Group

レポート(日本語): みずほフィナンシャルグループに関する2016年 ESG 評価レポート