Broken Promises

Olympic authorities have violated their pledge to host a sustainable Olympics in 2020. Our joint investigation found Korindo wood used in the construction of Olympic venues from the same mill linked to destruction of orangutan habitat and large-scale conversion of tropical rainforests.

Perilous Report

We detail how Korindo’s logging and oil palm operations in North Maluku have, among other things, violated numerous Indonesian laws, destroyed community farms and forests, used fire to clear land, and engaged police who have harassed and mistreated local community members.

Beyond Paper Promises

Assessing the Impacts of Corporate Pulp and Paper Commitments on Forests and Frontline Communities

The Human Cost of Conflict Palm Oil Revisited

The research reveals that, after one year and five months, systemic labor violations persist on Indofood plantations, and the RSPO system is failing to detect these violations and effectively sanction…

PepsiCo: Profits Over People and Planet

Even as PepsiCo outlines lofty goals through its “Products, People and Planet” vision, its insatiable drive for profits continues to have devastating impacts, both on people at the frontlines of…

Every Investor Has A Responsibility [English]

This report profiles key environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance issues of 8 companies operating in Southeast Asia’s tropical forest-risk commodity sectors.

Conflict Palm Oil: The Human cost of Conflict Palm Oil

The destruction of rainforests, the stealing of local communities’ and Indigenous Peoples’ lands, and the massive greenhouse gas emissions caused by the draining and burning of peatlands for the production of Conflict Palm…