Supporting Activism

Traditional carbon offset programs do not stop the root causes of climate change; in fact many programs support "business as usual" practices. Most offset projects try to remediate the issue of carbon emissions after-the-fact by financing renewable energy plants and planting forests.

At RAN, we don't believe that emitting dangerous levels of CO2 from fossil fuels into the atmosphere and making up for it later is the solution to climate change. We believe that fossil fuels should stay where they belong—in the ground!

All around the world, thousands of local communities and activists are the key players in directly challenging the source of climate change and getting lasting results. In their efforts to stop new carbon-emitting projects and to shut down old ones, these communities are protecting their livelihoods against polluting industries and helping to ensure a clean energy future. Even though these groups are on the front lines of efforts to stop the largest, dirtiest, and most carbon intensive industries, many of them are volunteer-based and have very few resources.

Your contribution to the Climate Action Fund will directly support frontline communities and provide tactical leverage to stop climate change where it starts.

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