Retire our Dirty Coal-fired Power Fleet

The anti-coal movement has seen important recent victories: canceling 150 proposed coal fired power plants and significantly reducing MTR coal mining in Appalachia. Now is the time to leverage these recent successes to put an end to America’s addiction to coal. To achieve this we need to retire the existing coal-fired power fleet.

Coal-fired energy generation is a leading source of greenhouse gas emissions and is responsible for pollutants that damage cardiovascular and respiratory health and threaten healthy child development.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is working to protect clean air standards and announcing tougher regulations that will have a huge impact on public health in the United States. The operators of existing coal plants will need to decide whether to invest in expensive modifications to comply with these new regulations, or to retire plants in favor of less polluting alternatives.

RAN is calling on the banking sector to stop banking on coal - and end its support of dirty coal power generation.

Join us to ask that big banks steer clear of financing new coal-fired power plants and life-extending retrofits of existing coal-fired power plants. Instead, shift the balance of energy financing to support power generation that is less threatening to our health and environment.

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From the cradle to the grave, coal is a risky business. Each stage in the life cycle of coal– extraction, transportation and combustion–presents increasing health, environmental, reputational, legislative and financial risks.
Ambre Energy and Peabody Energy are leading the push for west coast export terminals that would open the floodgates for a new coal market in Asia. Advocates for clean energy, the environment, and public health and safety have coalesced to oppose these ports on the beautiful Pacific Northwest coastline.