Rebecca Tarbotton on Pressuring and Inspiring the Opposition (Podcast)

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The Rainforest Action Network tackles a whole lot more than rainforests, and Executive Director Rebecca Tarbotton is leading her organization to the front in a slew of fights. Her preferred tactic: "equal parts pressure and inspiration." To sway the banking industry away from mountaintop removal she arranged a campaign that telephoned every employee of JPMorgan Chase. To sway Disney, living effigies of Mickey and Minnie locked themselves to the company gates. Tarbotton has also been personally involved in the fight against the pivotal Keystone XL pipeline, and she tells of her experiences demonstrating in Washington, as well as her fury at the tactics of the counter-opposition.

Listen to the podcast of this interview via iTunes, or just click here to listen, right-click to download.

Jacob Gordon
Thursday, September 15, 2011

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