Rainforest Action Network Statement of Support with Arctic 30

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Peaceful Greenpeace activists charged with piracy by the Russian government
Thursday, October 3, 2013

San Francisco, CA—On September 18, twenty-eight Greenpeace activists and two freelance documentarians on the Greenpeace ship the Arctic Sunrise were arrested  by the Russian Coast Guard after a protest at a Gazprom drilling platform in the Arctic Sea. Greenpeace activist climbers had attempted to board the platform to disrupt its operations and protect pristine and fragile arctic regions by the world's largest fossil fuel companies. On September 19, Russian authorities towed the Arctic Sunrise to the Port of Murmansk.

As of today, all 30 members of the Arctic Sunrise’s crew have been charged with piracy by the Russian government and, if convicted, could face a maximum of 15 years in prison.

Rainforest Action Network released the following statement of support for the "Arctic 30" in response:

“Its past time that the Russian government listen to the voices of hundreds of thousands of people around the world and release the Arctic 30 immediately. The actions of the Arctic 30 represent the brave civil disobedience needed to protect our planet and communities from runaway climate change.

“Rainforest Action Network stands with the members of Greenpeace’s Arctic Sunrise ship crew, the Arctic 30, who have been detained by the Russian government. Our concerns and thoughts are with them and their families as well as our allies working with Greenpeace all over the world.

“The voices of people opposed to dangerous oil developments like Gazprom's operation in the Arctic can be heard around the world. Singling out the peaceful crew of the Arctic Sunrise for prosecution and lengthy prison terms will not stop this global movement."



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