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Thank you for Protecting An Acre

Thank you for Protecting An Acre

Thank you for making a gift to Rainforest Action Network (RAN)!

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We are grateful for your support for this program, which funds far-reaching projects with powerful, measurable results in saving the world’s endangered rainforests. Through our Protect-an-Acre Program, RAN works to save the world’s rainforests by supporting indigenous peoples and their fight for land title and resource rights. We are working with local leaders to place these priceless forests into the hands of those who will best protect them, the native communities that traditionally inhabit them.

Your gift helps provide grants that secure protection for areas far greater than what we would be able to purchase. At the same time you support the human rights of indigenous forest inhabitants.

There is another way you can help these local communities at no cost to you! You can double your gift to them by getting your employer to make a matching gift contribution. To see if you employer offers such a program please type their name in the box below.