Partnership Benefits

Your organization's contribution into the Climate Action Fund is an investment in the future. The Climate Action Fund provides:

  • High return on your contribution. One hundred percent of your contribution will support communities and habitats threatened by the fossil fuel industry. Through a detailed selection process, we ensure that Climate Action grants are awarded where they are needed most: to the groups and the projects that will have the biggest impact on climate change mitigation. All of the money from the fund goes to grant recipients; staff time and program development are donated by RAN. As a partner of the Climate Action Fund, you will receive an annual report of the recipients and their projects.
  • Tools and support. We’ve built tools to help you track and measure your work-related carbon emissions. Once you know your footprint, our knowledgeable staff will help you identify areas where you can be more efficient.
  • Easy and flexible. With our flexible program, you decide what carbon emissions you want to track and base your contributions on—organizational, individual staff or event emissions. Pay monthly, quarterly or annually into the fund—you choose! We will work with you to make your carbon management easy and convenient.
  • Get recognition. Your organization will be listed as a partner on our website and any other Climate Action Fund publications. You will also receive materials you can send to your clients and supporters to let them know what you are doing to address your carbon footprint.
  • Tax Deductible. Your contributions to the Climate Action Fund will be eligible for a 501c3 contribution tax deduction.