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All Protect-An-Acre Grants

Protest against open-pit uranium mine on traditional Ardoch Algonquin land
Ardoch Algonquin First Nation
$5,000 to support the efforts of Ardoch Algonquin First Nation, an Aninshinaabe community of about 700 in southeast Ontario, that has established a blockade to prevent Frontenac from developing an open-pit uranium mine on their traditional land.
Boreal Action Project
$3,000 in support for a cross-cultural action camp in Manitoba, Canada between urban activists and youth and Elders from Indigenous communities to discuss methods of furthering mutual goals and build campaign, media, and direct action skills.
Amazon Jam gathering to rally and unite people against oil and soy development i
Amazon Jam
$2,500 in support for a 5 day Amazon Jam in Brazil that will bring together over 30 young leaders, activists, supporters, and journalists, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous to rally and unite people against oil and soy development in the Amazon.
Latin American Permaculture Network of Peru (REDPAL-Peru) on behalf of Achual Sustainable Harvest Project
$2,155 in support for the Achual community’s permaculture project in the in Peruvian Amazon, which will produce tropical fruits with maximum biodiversity, provide income security, result in the reforestation of depleted areas, and help secure native status recognition of 4,000 acres of rainforest territory.
Community Forest Team
$2,000 in support for an effort to bring Pacific Lumber Company, which is currently bankrupt, under community control and implement a plan for permanent, sustainable timber management of 197,000 acres of redwood forests, while 12,000 acres of old-growth and environmentally significant habitat are preserved.