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All Protect-An-Acre Grants

Organization of the Yawanawa Extractivist Reserve of Rio Gregorio
$7,500 grant to support a Yawanawa community in the Rio Gregorio region of Northwestern Brazil’s sustainable cultivation of urucum and the small-scale marketing of the plant in the local region to help the community achieve greater economic self-sufficient and independence.
Bolivar State Indigenous Federation (FIEB)
$7,000 to support FIEB's efforts to stop the construction of the Guri transmission line through raising public awareness, media work, and legal action.
Aukiñ Wallmapu Ngulam
$1,920 to support an Alternative Assembly of Indigenous Peoples from Latin America to participate in the 1998 Summit of the Americas in Chile in order to voice their concerns about how Indigenous peoples’ rights and livelihoods are affected by the processes of economic integration in Latin America.
$600 in support for Joaquim Yawanawa of the Yawanawa of Brazil during his two month internship in the Bay Area to receive training in alternative media and policy development to assist his efforts in focusing international attention on human rights as they apply to Indigenous peoples.
The Metareilá Organization of the Suruí People
$3,500 to support an assembly for local communities, NGOs, and government officials to discuss a series of new development projects being proposed that threaten the western region of the Amazon.