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All Protect-An-Acre Grants

Traditional U'wa Authority and the U'wa Defense Working Group
$5,000 to help define the boundaries of the larger U'wa Reservation in order to secure legal title as a step towards community control and protection of the forest.
$5,017 to support ABGREMO’s campaign to protect mangroves by educating and working with local communities about the important of mangroves to the local economy and through the formation of Community Mangrove Forest Management Committees (CMMC) in pilot communities.
Sierra Madre Alliance
$5,000 to legally restore land rights to local communities, begin planning of locally controlled forest reserves and alternatives to logging and drug production, and to create a cultural interchange and permaculture training in order to create reserves and alternatives for the communities' economies.
Center for Amazonian Workers
$5,000 to develop renewable forest resources, such as herbal remedies, plant oils, and ornamental plants that would be sold to local markets as economic alternatives in the Rio Branco area of the Amazonian state of Acre.
Bolivar State Indigenous Federation (FIEB)
$7,000 to support FIEB's efforts to stop the construction of the Guri transmission line through raising public awareness, media work, and legal action.