Grants in South America

Traditional U'wa Authority
$1,200 to support the U’wa’s Sixth Congress, during which new community representatives, including the President, will be elected to three-year terms.
The Coastal Range Coalition for the Conservation of the 10th Region of Chile (CCCC)
$3,000 to support CCCC’s implementation of an agreement reached with the Chilean government in 2003 to reroute a coastal range highway that had been planned to pass through the Valdivian rainforest, the oldest and most diverse temperate rainforest remaining in South America.
Amazon Defense Front
$3,300 to support a year-long project that will allow FDA to continue its leading role in coordinating a lawsuit seeking reparations from CheveronTexaco for communities impacted by the company's dumping of toxic wastes into the pristine rivers, forest streams and wetlands of the Ecuadorian Amazon, ignoring industry standards and the health of local residents in order to increase profits.
National Interprovincial Achuar Federation of Ecuador (FINAE)
$5,000 to support the Bi-national Cultural Encounter of the Achuar communities of Ecuador and Peru, a historic gathering of the communities that were divided when those countries started a war and militarized parts of what had been a unified Achuar traditional territory.
$3,000 to allow GeoAustral to carry out an investigation of the illegal trade in Alerce wood in Chile and to file legal complaints on the national and international level.