Grants in South America

Associação Floresta Protegida
$3,000 in support for the participation of Kayapo community members at the meeting/protest in Altamira, Brazil against the Belo Monte Dam planned for the Xingu River, which would be the world's 3rd largest.
Interethnic Development Association of the Peruvian Rainforest (AIDESEP)
$3,000 in support for the opening of Escuela Senen Soi, a training program by and for Indigenous leaders of the Peruvian Amazon to build skills related to the defense of the human rights and the environment.
Latin American Permaculture Network of Peru (REDPAL-Peru)
on behalf of Achual Sustainable Harvest Project
$2,300 to support the Achual community’s permaculture project in the in Peruvian Amazon, which will produce tropical fruits with maximum biodiversity, provide income security, result in the reforestation of depleted areas, and lead to native status recognition of 4,000 acres of rainforest territory.
Protest against copper mining in Ecuador
Defense and Ecological Conservation of Intag
$3,000 to help DECOIN build on the already strong community-level opposition to mining company Ascendant Copper, as well as support continued citizen patrols of at risk areas and the establishment of additional community watersheds in the biologically diverse Intag region of northwest Ecuador.
Oilwatch Ecuador
$4,500 in support for a creative campaign backed by the Ecuadorian government that would keep crude oil in the subsoil permanently in Yasuní National Park in the Amazon, halting the planned ITT oil project, in exchange for international financial support.