Grants in South America

National Interprovincial Achuar Federation of Ecuador (FINAE)
$5,000 to enable the Achuar to obtain a laptop computer, video camera and digital camera to be used to document the community’s resistance to resource extraction on its traditional territory.
Censat Agua Viva
$10,000 to help the U'wa to protect their sacred land against Occidental’s attempts to drill for oil.
Jatun Sacha Foundation
$5,002 to implement traditional Quichua agroforestry techniques, including reforestation of endangered native mahogany species, and the small-scale marketing of traditional arts to provide a supplemental source of income.
National Zapara Association of the Pastaza Province of Ecuador
$5,004 to help secure the Zapara Nation's legal title to 988,000 acres of what remains of their ancestral territory, preserving the integrity of both the Zapara culture and one of the purest, most biodiverse regions in the Ecuadorian rainforest.
Traditional U'wa Authority
$13,640 to help fund a mass mobilization by the U'wa, who have been resisting attempts by Occidental Petroleum to drill for oil on their traditional land for years.