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Did you know that some of the books you buy could be contributing to Indonesian rainforest destruction?

Rainforest Action Network's new Rainforest-Safe Kids’ Books buying guide ranks eleven of the nation’s largest children book publishers for their commitments to protect Indonesia's rainforests and the environment.

As you head to your favorite bookstore this year to shop, take RAN's pocket guide to help you make rainforest-friendly gift choices for the children in your life.

RAN's rainforest-safe buying guide was inspired by a report earlier this year which found a large number of children’s books sold in the United States were being printed on paper linked to Indonesian rainforest destruction. Following the release of this report, some publishers made some fast changes to protect Indonesia’s rainforests, and some did not.

Publishers of popular children’s books, including Where the Wild Things Are and Baby Einstein, fall on RAN's avoid list this year because they have not taken public action to protect Indonesia’s rainforests, nor do they have public environmental paper purchasing policies.

Several other publishers, including Scholastic, Hachette Book Group, and Simon & Schuster, are recommended by RAN this holiday season for their decisive action to phase out controversial Indonesian paper fiber, in addition to other environmental commitments such as increasing the ratio of recycled and FSC-certified papers used in their books.

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Indonesian communities and groups are taking action to stop rainforest destruction and reform the pulp and paper industry.
It’s time for Disney to realize that rainforest destruction is no fairy tale. Rainforest Action Network is putting Disney on notice, and we hope you will join us to get the company to align its practices with the values it espouses and embeds in the stories it tells.