RAN Stories

Lindsey Allen is a world-class campaigner with more than a decade of experience and an unmatched track record pressuring and inspiring some of the world’s largest corporations to protect rainforests. Allen has spent her career preventing commodity expansion into globally critical forest areas, and has played a central role in achieving some of the most significant corporate policy commitments to protect forests over the past decade.
Rainforest Action Network campaigns for the forests, their inhabitants and the natural systems that sustain life by transforming the global marketplace through education, grassroots organizing, and non-violent direct action. The strength of this Network stems from the bold activists, engaged donors, dedicated online advocates, frontline allies and vigilant organizations that work with us to challenge corporate power and to stand for thriving ecosystems around the globe.
Making systemic change in the world is hard work, decades-long hard work – but with the right combination of issues, strategies, experience and tenacity it is possible to achieve victories that have lasting impacts.
Building on the success of the Home Depot campaign, RAN turned its sights to Wall Street, recognizing that behind every environmentally-destructive logging, mining, or drilling project were financial institutions providing the capitol and underwriting to make them possible.
From the greatest risks come the greatest rewards. A primary distinction of RAN’s campaigns has been the nerve to challenge some of the largest institutions in the world whose business models rely on the destruction of our environment, health and climate.
At the first organizing conference upon which Rainforest Action Network was founded in November, 1985, it was clear that RAN was going to be something different.
Andre Carothers, Chairman of the RAN Board, on how RAN it all began: "It was clear from the beginning that Rainforest Action Network was going to be a different kind of animal. Rainforests, bulldozers, direct action, brand vulnerability, pickets, lock-downs, media mind-bombs."
As the first woman ever to lead Rainforest Action Network, Tarbotton represents the perfect bridge between the organizations past and its future.
On an annual budget dwarfed by those of the companies we target, RAN has helped convince dozens of corporations including Home Depot, Citigroup, Boise Cascade, and Goldman Sachs to change their practices. We've helped to protect millions of acres of forests in Canada, Indonesia, Brazil, Chile and beyond.
Since 2009, the Climate Action Fund has given grants to eleven extraordinary grassroots organizations working to defend their communities and their environment from the fossil fuel industry.