Holding Corporations Accountable

Corporate Accountability

For 25 years, RAN has run hard-hitting markets campaigns to align the policies of multinational corporations with widespread public support for environmental protection and human rights. Logging precious forests for paper or destroying an endangered ecosystem for a week’s worth of oil is not just destructive, but outdated and unnecessary.

Our corporate campaigns seek to push companies to balance profits with principles. Our campaigns leverage public opinion and consumer pressure to turn the public stigma of environmental destruction into a business nightmare for any American company that refuses to adopt responsible environmental and social policies. But much more needs to be done. For our society to truly break its oil and coal addictions, protect endangered forests, and promote human rights and sustainable finance, everyone must get involved. Please join us.

We Can Change Chevron

Rainforest Action Network’s newest campaign is to Change Chevron, one of the largest and most destructive corporations on the planet. The oil giant’s current operations are destroying communities and the planet around the globe. From Richmond, CA to Burma to Ecuador, Chevron is responsible for some of the most egregious human rights abuses and greatest environmental disasters of our time.

In Ecuador alone, Chevron is responsible for -and refuses to clean up- over 18 billion gallons of toxic oil waste and over 917 unlined oil pits. For decades, local communities and families have been suffering and dying because of Chevron’s toxic oil legacy in the Amazon rainforest.

Rainforest Action Network (along with our partners at Amazon Watch) are working to directly support the Ecuadorean people’s demand for compensation and a full clean-up of their land and water. We are also working with Chevron investors, employees, students, and concerned citizens around the globe to force the oil giant to not only clean up Ecuador, but adopt a global environment and human rights policy that will prevent future disasters.

For more information, visit changechevron.org.

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Billionaire real estate investor and legendary tax evader Leona Helmsley famously said: “Only the little people pay taxes.” It turns out Helmsley was all too right.
Chevron rolled out a fancy new ad campaign yesterday, and we were ready for them. We had only a fraction of Chevron’s budget but we had the element of surprise, and we were determined to press our advantage.