Green The Film

Green tells a moving story about the corporate conversion of rainforests in Indonesia for palm oil, tropical wood and paper through the eyes of a dying orangutan - a victim of deforestation and resource exploitation. This film is a visual journey illustrating the impacts of land clearing, the effects of consumerism, the tragic loss of biodiversity and the other harsh realities that Indonesian rainforest destruction is inflicting upon endangered species like the orangutan.

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The average North American touches paper countless times a day. Yet the true environmental and social costs of these everyday products often go unnoticed.
Global demand for cheap wood and paper products is one of the largest drivers of forest destruction worldwide. Forest certification and labeling is intended to inform consumers if their purchases of wood or paper products are derived from well-managed forests, and to improve transparency, accountability and performance within the poorly controlled $500 billion global forest products industry. But not all certification systems are created equally. Here is RAN's perspective on current forest certification systems.