General Mills Campaign Slideshow

  • 42 activists with Rainforest Action Network Twin Cities chapter braved freezing January temperatures to unfurl a 30 by 90 banner warning customers of General Mills rainforest destruction whilst over 8,000 other activists and concerned consumers called in to General Mills to express their concern. A company insider response to the action: 'Well, they certainly got our attention.'
  • Students from all over the U.S. created valentines for General Mills urging the company to Have a Heart For Our Rainforests. Sealed with a kiss, these valentines were delivered to General Mills corporate headquarters in Golden Valley, Minnesota in February 2010.
  • This valentine was delivered to General Mills with hundreds of others to General Mills for Valentine Day. It holds the sentiments of many kids we talked with: 'I want to enjoy eating Cheerios again.' Us too!
  • Activists around the country took to their community grocery chains during our Palm Oil Weeks of action in a variety of ways from church groups flyering to Leprechaun flash mobs dancing to stickering rainforest-destructive products. For this action outside of a San Francisco Safeway store, displaced orangutans showed up and urged fascinated shoppers to take action and help preserve their crucial rainforest habitat.
  • Over 1200 people participated in three separate Palm Oil Weeks of Action this year. Activists around the country passed out informative RAN postcards that spoofed General Mills cereals to shoppers outside grocery stores. Others stickered General Mills products to help consumers make informed choices about whether or not to buy products that destroy rainforests.
  • Kids and Youth deliver posters to General Mills Golden Valley Headquarters outside Minneapolis, MN. Over four hundred Earth Day posters were created by youth around the world encouraging General Mills to stop destroying rainforests for palm oil. Posters were delivered by youth and RAN staff in the Twin Cities in April 2010.