Featured Donor: Kitty Jones

Photo of Kitty JonesKyana Jones, also known as Kitty Jones, started a small cleaning business to raise funds for nonprofits, and chose RAN as one of the beneficiaries. After hearing about Kitty’s selfless efforts to raise support and awareness about protecting the environment and wildlife, I asked her if she would share her story with the RAN community and she happily obliged.

Direct Action, My Favorite

I picked up a RAN pamphlet while attending an animal rights conference in Oregon, and was very much taken with their bite-back approach in challenging large corporations. I was inspired by the work RAN was doing to support Indigenous rights and communities. Nothing is more valuable, sacred, and vulnerable than our environment and the species that we share with it. I feel RAN does an amazing job through direct action, my personal favorite, and get corporations to adopt better business practices.

Environmentalism with Teeth

RAN has caught my eye with their commanding and tenacious energy to their campaigns. Not only is RAN able to find ways in which to take action on the issues facing our precious planet, but they turn that action into something exciting and compelling. RAN will get the job done!

About Kitty

In middle school I was exposed to a side of the food industry that I had never seen before through the video “Meet Your Meat.” This video opened my eyes to the animal abuse in the production of industrial foods and changed my life. I went from an apathetic and jaded teenager to an inspired and unstoppable activist for animals and the environment.

Since then, volunteering has become my favorite thing to do. I have recently started cleaning people’s houses in my free time in my efforts to support groups that work to protect the environment, the rights of animals and humans alike. So far I’ve raised over $700.

When not volunteering I simply delight in protesting, meeting new people, jogging, and cooking up a vegan store in the kitchen!