Featured Donor: Josh Pryor

A recent alumnus of Iona College in New York, Josh discovered RAN while researching his senior thesis, “Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest: Impacts, Causes, and ‘Green Business’ Solutions.” He credits his thesis advisor, Dr. Fredrica Rudell, with inspiring him to learn more about RAN, and calls the organization corporate America’s greatest ally…

Recent Cum Laude graduate

I am an alum of Iona College in New Rochell, New York, where I graduated Cum Laude with a honor’s degree in management.

I enjoy working out, being with friends and family, reading, and I’m a huge fan of watching and going to movies. I aspire to one day work on the business end of motion pictures.

Environmentally Conscious

My biggest concerns about the environment are with sustainability issues stemming from deforestation and pollution. I worry not only about my generation being able to live in a sustainable world, but more so for future generations.

As I conducted research for my senior honors thesis over the past year and a half, I became aware of the threats – both immediate and long-term – that arise from deforestation. As an environmentally conscious member of society, these threats (carbon emissions, global warming, etc.) make me very nervous about the future well-being of our planet…especially if we don’t end the damage being done.

A token of gratitude for RAN’s work

I was introduced to RAN and its work for our planet by my thesis advisor, Dr. Fredrica Rudell. She inspired me to research RAN, and what I learned about the organization was truly inspiring in itself.

My thesis is titled, “Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest: Impacts, Causes, and ‘Green Business’ Solutions.” So naturally, RAN’s activism for the Amazon fit into my research perfectly. A good portion of my final product discusses RAN’s efforts for the environment, as well as some of its victories; I stress the importance of RAN, and the fact that more people need to get involved in similar activities.

It only seemed natural to donate to RAN as a token of my gratitude for its work.