Featured Donor: Jean Jenson

Since 1991 Jean has been supporting RAN, and in that time she has contributed nearly $1500 as a Sustainer. Jean also volunteers in the RAN office three days per week when she’s in San Francisco, contributing priceless support to the organization which we have come to rely on!

I am a mostly retired psychotherapist, dividing my time between my home in Idaho and an apartment in San Francisco. I have always enjoyed outdoor activities like backpacking and snowboarding, but am getting older so now I have learned to play Texas Hold ’em and enjoy small stakes tournaments. I also love driving my hybrid Toyota Prius, go to at least one movie per week, solve the new Sudoku puzzles, read good detective novels, enjoy eating out with my friends and spending time with my daughter, who also lives in San Francisco. To fill my remaining free time in San Francisco, I volunteer three days per week at RAN during the weeks I am in town.

Why I choose to donate to, and volunteer for, RAN

When I was working full time, I began to contribute small amounts of money to organizations that were engaged in environmental protection, civil rights, and the political party of my choice. I could see that environmental protection needed special support from the public because governments were too politically motivated to serve corporate interests where concerns about financial profit took precedence over public interests. I received informational mailings from so many organizations, but RAN stood out to me above all the rest.

RAN shares my view that the legislative route to making real change can often be much too slow to have the kind of effect I know is possible; that’s why, for example, they target one of the root causes of environmental destruction—the financing of dirty projects. I am also impressed with their non-violent direct actions. They are able to pull off intelligent, creative, clever and successful demonstrations that effectively utilize their small staff, extensive network of supporters and low overhead. I also appreciate the continual contact by mail with updates and reprints of media articles that kept me abreast of the progress being made in each campaign.

RAN effectively addresses the issues that concern me most

One of the most important issues to me is global warming and the ability to reverse its devastating effects so life can survive on our planet. RAN’s Global Finance campaign is doing a great job of targeting and putting pressure on some of the most egregious projects throughout the US and the world. Also, trees have always been important to me, so I began to support RAN because of their focus on protecting the rainforests and other old growth forests. The Old Growth campaign has been incredibly effective at working with affected communities to protect some of the most bio-diverse and beautiful ancient forests throughout the world.

I love RAN’s sustainer program and find it to be the easiest way to support RAN

After I retired I needed to reduce the amount of money I was sending to organizations. I have been impressed with RAN’s performance and successes, therefore I chose RAN from among the other environmental groups and decided it would be easier to send a small amount each month, rather than a bigger check once a year. It’s so easy, I don’t have to do anything. When I signed up for RAN's sustainer program, I told them how much I want to contribute every month and they automatically deduct it from my credit card. It is literally “painless” for me to give to RAN every month! I highly recommend joining the sustainer program—it’s automatic, simple, and easier than writing a big check once a year.

To find out more about RAN's sustainer program click here or contact our membership office at (415) 398-4404 x336.