Featured Donor: Charlie H.

Charlie H. donated nearly $1,500 to RAN from a hike-a-thon through the Adirondacks. He is currently planning another one for the summer of 2007, to once again support RAN!

A Kid the Earth Can Count On

I enjoy playing tennis, baseball, and cello, and I like to relax by reading or just plain thinking! In the future, I hope to be a scientist, or someone who can make a difference in the world! My favorite rainforest animal is the ring-tailed lemur, found in the rainforests of Madagascar.

Why I chose to donate to RAN

I wanted to do a hike-a-thon because I wanted to hike anyway, and the reason I chose RAN’s Protect an Acre program is because unlike many organizations, RAN gives 100% of the PAA funds to the rainforest. Also, I have heard of RAN before because my parents have donated to RAN in the past and I have occasionally read the newsletter they receive. So, I trusted that RAN would be responsible with the funds I donated to them.

How I felt when I was raising money to protect the rainforests

I was amazed that so many people were interested in donating money to my hike-a-thon to protect endangered forests, support the rights of people that live in them and all of the beautiful plants and animals. My sincerest thanks go out to them. After the hike-a-thon was finished and the money was collected, I was blown away by the total amount. I was very glad to help the rainforests! Also, I plan on doing another hike-a-thon for RAN this summer in the Adirondacks!

Why I care about the rainforests

I started learning about the rainforests in kindergarten, and then again in 3rd Grade. Rainforests are irreplaceable and have incredible biodiversity, more than any other habitat in the world. It may seem as if the rainforests are just about endless, but every second the area of a football field is cleared of ancient trees and amazing animals. Every second countless animals’ habitats are destroyed. If humans keep cutting down the rainforest at this rate we will see the last of many precious animals. Every animal is important. If one animal goes extinct, it will help bring down the precious, diverse rainforest ecosystem.

This is why we must act now! Every dollar counts!

I was lucky enough to visit the Yucatan this January. There I explored ancient Maya ruins in Tikal and Actun Tunichill, which were breathtaking. But clearly, the best part of the trip was visiting the rainforest. There I observed hairy, black howler monkeys, colorful toucans, giant kapok trees, and nimble spider monkeys, along with many, many, many more sights, sounds, and smells. It was so cool to be where I had heard so much about and worked so hard to save. I'm sure I'll never forget that experience.

Because of my love of the rainforests, I am also concerned about other related issues

Where do I begin? My biggest concern is global warming. A one degree temperature raise in the rainforests has caused a type of fungus to grow on frogs which eventually kills the frogs. Oil drilling has also affected the environment. Speaking of oil, the peak oil crisis will seriously affect our way of life. Americans especially rely on oil and if the trend continues, will rely on it even more by 2050. We must conserve, and drive your cars only if you have to! Use a bicycle! Also, I think it’s time for a more eco-friendly leader.