Featured Donor: Beth Marie Murray

Beth Marie Murray recently named RAN as a benefactor in her will, thereby ensuring RAN can continue to make a difference for the planet and future generations to come.

Legacy Donor

I currently live in glorious Vail, Colorado, and because of my living location you may have guessed that I am a big fan of the outdoors. I enjoy skiing, mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, camping, chatting with the locals, festivals, and great local brew. I feel very much at home in the mountains and at times can hear the Aspen sing. I moved here just a year ago to pursue my career as an Echocardiographer (ultrasound of the heart) in a small resort hospital. The heart is an incredibly complex organ that sustains life and must maintain a tender balance of one’s physical and emotional well being. I believe this balance requires fresh air, clean water, foods free of pesticides, as well as an abundance of trees, animals, and loving, kind human beings.

Why I choose to donate to RAN

As a child I grew up playing, laughing, running, skipping, catching butterflies, swimming, watching ants, eating wild strawberries and blackberries, climbing and swinging from trees-- does this not sound like every child’s dream? Well, it can be if we continue to hold corporations accountable for their reckless behavior. I believe that RAN has a true commitment to our environment and have found that donating and staying involved with RAN has kept me informed about current issues that threaten our very existence. These people are passionate about making our planet healthy for all living species. RAN has taken on corporate giants and convinced them to re-evaluate their role in maintaining a healthy, vibrant environment. This can happen only when truth is spoken and true compassion and wisdom are exercised. My voice is and will continue to carry RAN’s message which is to be responsible, thoughtful, respectful, loving, kind, and generous with Mother Earth.

Why I have chosen to include RAN in my long-term estate planning

I decided to add RAN to my will because I believe RAN is unique in identifying corporate responsibility in environmental degradation and holding corporations accountable for their actions. I have great admiration and respect for the people at RAN that work so hard to educate corporations and the public about the role that the market plays in shaping humankind’s relationship with our environment. Knowledge is power and we cannot complain about what is happening to the world’s forests if we choose to ignore the facts. I believe it takes great courage to stand up to bullies and I have found that RAN will not be intimidated by anyone, let alone huge, multi-million dollar corporations. I applaud the continued effort and passion that these people carry with them each and every day.

I am also delighted to encourage others to give to RAN through their wills. I faded away for a little while from giving financially to RAN but never, ever stopped caring about the cause. So when I devised my will, I made a commitment to RAN and to our environment that I would never give up on the people that are making a difference for our planet and future generations to come. Naming RAN as a benefactor in my will is an easy way to ensure support of RAN’s campaigns well into the future.

My involvement with RAN has been longstanding because they have successfully addressed the issues I care most about

In 1989 Randy Hayes, RAN’s founder, caught my attention in a newspaper article about Burger King and its role in the deforestation of Brazil’s rainforest due to widespread clearcutting for cattle grazing. My heart and mind became engaged at that very moment and I wanted to aid in saving rainforests across the globe. Since that moment, I have been involved with RAN in some form or fashion. For a long time now, my concern about global warming worries me deep in my soul. So, I am pleased to see that RAN is addressing the role the automakers are playing in rising global temperatures through their Freedom from Oil campaign. Currently, I am most concerned about Wells Fargo and their arrogant and reckless behavior in financing Appalachian mountain top removal. This selfish behavior has destroyed, polluted, and poisoned over 1,200 miles of rivers and streams with debris and waste that consists of ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel. I am angry!!! I will continue to donate my time, energy, passion, and money to ensure our voices are heard by congress and the public. For years I have been, and continue to be, excited about getting the word out about the great work RAN has done over the years and the impact it is making in protecting our planet.