Featured Donor: Avi Becker

Avi BeckerAvi Becker, 16, first became a Rainforest Action Network donor at eight years old, when a lesson in school inspired him to donate his birthday money to RAN.

As a second grader, Avi’s class spent time learning about the biodiversity and uniqueness of the world's rainforests, as well as how quickly these natural wonders were being destroyed by human encroachment.

"I want future generations to be able to have natural rainforests and be able to experience the wonders they hold,” says Avi, writing from Costa Rica where he often spends his summers, and where he first experienced the rainforest firsthand as a child. “RAN’s fearlessness fighting big business and teaching them to clean up their act shows the industrial world that success is achievable while still protecting the environment.”

When not raising money for RAN on behalf of world's remaining rainforests, Avi plays tennis and lacrosse for his high school, and hopes to go on to earn a degree in an environmental field in college.

RAN is proud to have the support of Avi and many other young people like him, who have been inspired by influential people in their lives to learn about rainforests’ critical role in our planet’s ecosystem, and about the necessity of fighting to save them. A big thank you from us to Avi and to all of you who are helping RAN to preserve the planet for future generations!