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  • SexyinStripes
    Panthera tigris sumatrae | Sumatra
    Carnivore, Critically Endangered, 260 pounds, All muscles and fluff.
    Looking for: Someone sensitive to just how few of us there are left and ready to make a difference, together. Zoo lovers need not apply.
    All my selfies are tiger selfies, don’t hold it against me ;) I work hard, I play hard.

    I’m more MMA than Crossfit, more barbeque than fine dining, more camping than couch potato. But I know how to kick back - I do love my afternoon naps and there’s nothing I love more than stalking quietly through the undergrowth. Let’s tag team!
  • NeverForgets99
    Elephas maximus Sumatranus | Indonesia
    Mammal, critically endangered, approx 5 tons, 20’ long, 9’ tall, husky (and tusky!)
    Looking for: Someone who likes long walks in tall trees and likes to play in the mud.
    TBH, this online dating thing is a last resort. While my lady counterparts are obsessed with family time, I’m an introverted introvert. Dinner options are kinda limited since I’m vegan (though not in quantity b/c I eat 300+ pounds a day). Did I mention these tusks? They kind of make me a target. Plus, there aren't many of us left. You do the math. #ForeverAlone

    I’m 52 and all pics are current.
  • FloFlo
    Pongo Abelii | Aceh, Indonesia
    Critically Endangered, 99 pounds, 4’ 3” tall, insectitarian and frugivore.
    Looking for: Looking for my ride or die.
    I am on a 24/7 raw food cleanse - eating bugs with sticks, slurping water from leaves, and I make a mean fruit and termite salad. I can also DIY anything - I can make an umbrella out of leaf in five minutes flat.

    I have an 8 year old and lookin’ to make more. Because let’s be honest, there’s not a lot of us left.

    Loves: gingers, big cheeks, bananas
    Hates: bulldozers, palm oil, poachers
  • LinkwithLynx
    Lynx | Canada
    Carnivore, 36 pounds and taller than I look :)
    Looking for: Night owls. A partner that can walk on snow without falling through. Free range organic rabbits. A pipeline-free environment.
    Been living a solitary, single parent lifestyle and looking for a change in my relationship status. The “freaks come out at night” is something I definitely live by and seek in a partner.

    I measure my prosperity and ability to provide for my future babies by the amount of rabbits available, so let’s get to matching and populating before the humans completely poison our environment and food supply.
  • Sun_bae
    Helarctos malayanus | South East Asia
    Mammal, Vulnerable, 55 pounds, lots of extra skin and super long tongue!
    Looking for: Honey and a sweet sweet mate. Someone to share my tree nest.
    The first thing most people notice about me is the large beauty mark that highlights my chest, a unique sign of how big my heart is. I’m a craft wood worker specializing in high rise deck beds overlooking my forest homes. All my beds consist of branches pawed together on a tree to intertwine into a perfect night nest for 1, but hoping for 2.
  • BigBearDaddy
    Ursus Maritimus | Arctic Circle
    Offline - Chat Later
    Bear4Bear, Mammal, Single, Hypercarnivore, 8’ 11” (standing!), Polyamorous, Fit.
    Looking for: Hookups and new friends for short term fun. I don’t want to meet your kids.
    Trying this online thing. I’m done walking 60+ miles following a potential mate’s tracks, just to end up at a melted iceberg.

    Likes: long cold walks on the beach. Like, really long, really cold. Dislikes: the warming climate.

    I work remotely in fishing, and spend many months at sea. I love me some fish, so vegans need not apply. Looking for someone who likes getting hot in the cold, who likes to travel to remote locals and doesn’t get uptight about my independent nature.

    Let’s spend some time together and see if we “click”. We might not have much time left. I don’t see ‘likes’ so send me a message!
  • PanPan-gogo
    Sunda pangolin | Indonesia
    Mammal, Pholidota, Carnivorous, Curvy, Critically Endangered, 8 pounds and mostly muscle and scales.
    Looking for: Casual encounters with no strings attached. People who dig my rough exterior and amazing defenses. Someone who’s not afraid of a little adventure.
    Don’t misjudge me, I’m all Mammal. If you’re looking for reptiles please look elsewhere. I am shy until you get to know me and I prefer to spend my days curled up asleep so I hope you can meet up after dark.

    I like swimming, eating insects (I can recommend some great local spots!), and climbing trees. But tell me what you like cause I am open to trying new things.

    Let me show you my prehensile tail ;)
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