ClearWater: Immediate Relief for Ecuador

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ClearWater: A journey on the river with Emergildo Criollo

Rainforest Action Network is proud to stand with Frente De Defensa de la Amazonía, Groundwork Opportunities, Amazon Watch, and Saving An Angel in supporting ClearWater, a clean water project led by the communities of the Ecuadorean Amazon to provide immediate relief to thousands of people across the region still suffering from Chevron's oil contamination. Watch the video of Emergildo explaining why this project is so important to him and the communities suffering from Chevron's toxic legacy in the Ecaudorean Amazon, then support Emergildo and ClearWater!

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"Water is the source of life. Without clean water we can't survive."

These are the words of Emergildo Criollo, a leader of the Cofan people and Ecuador Project Coordinator for ClearWater. Emergildo was a young boy when Chevron (then called Texaco) began drilling for oil in northeastern Ecuador using such substandard practices that some 18 billion gallons of toxic waste were dumped in the streams and rivers of the Amazon rainforest. Emergildo has been fighting for justice from Chevron ever since.

But after years of pressing a historic lawsuit against the Big Oil behemoth, Emergildo and the communities of the Ecuadorean Amazon still do not have access to clean water. That needs to change.

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