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Chevron is guilty of dumping over 18 billion gallons of toxic oil waste in the Ecuadorean Amazon and poisoning thousands of Indigenous and rural Ecuadoreans.

But rather than take responsibility for cleaning up its oily mess in Ecuador, Chevron has enlisted a team of legal vultures, PR hacks, and other people more greedy than principled to distract attention from the overwhelming evidence of its guilt and deny justice to the victims of Chevron’s contamination. Help us expose Chevron’s Human Rights Hitmen by using the buttons to the right to share with your friends, family, and other networks. Share on Facebook Tweet button Share Chevron's Human Rights Hitmen on StumbleUpon Email button

R. Hewitt Pate

"Chevron's Karl Rove"

Diego Borja

Chevron's "Dirty Tricks Guy"

Andrea E. Neuman and Randy M. Mastro

The Legal Vultures

Sam Anson

The Corporate Spy-For-Hire

R. Hewitt Pate - Chevron Human Rights Hitman Diego Borja - Chevron Human Rights Hitman Andrea E. Neuman and Randy M. Mastro of Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher - Chevron Human Rights Hitman Sam Anson of Kroll, Inc. - Chevron Human Rights Hitman
R. Hewitt Pate and his colleagues in the Chevron legal department – including Jim Haynes and Pate’s predecessor, Charles James – all played central roles in the George W. Bush Administration. It is not a coincidence, in other words, that their entire legal strategy seems to rest on deflecting attention from the facts of the case by employing the same dirty political tricks perfected by Karl Rove. As a Chevron contractor, Diego Borja was responsible for perpetrating all kinds of dirty tricks for Chevron. Borja was paid by Chevron to create four dummy companies to hide the fact he was on Chevron’s payroll, and helped “cook” evidence of Chevron’s environmental contamination in Ecuador. When Chevron set up a fake “independent” laboratory to process soil and water samples from the contaminated regions of the Ecuadorean Amazon, Borja rented the house it was located in. Gibson, Dunn, and Crutcher has a long history of defending large, wealthy corporations against individuals and communities who have been poisoned by those corporations. The firm typically assembles its own team of “experts” and “scientists” to provide evidence showing that their clients did not cause the alleged harm – a tactic Andrea E. Neuman and Randy M. Mastro are once again employing in defending Chevron. Sam Anson is a Kroll recruiter who tried to hire an independent journalist to spy on the plaintiffs in Ecuador. Anson comes from Los Angeles and was once an investigative journalist who also reported on race and hip hop. Now he is a Kroll operative working in Latin America. How he was turned to the dark side and came to work for Kroll and in turn Chevron is anyone’s guess.
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