Chevron Is Guilty

Chevron Is Guilty

In February 2011, a judge in Ecuador just found Chevron guilty of polluting the Amazon rainforest, ordering the company to pay $18 billion to clean it up. In January 2012, an appeals court upheld the judgment. But Chevron still refuses to clean up its toxic mess in the Ecuadorean Amazon.

Tell Chevron that enough is enough, Chevron should clean up Ecuador now. We must stand up for human rights and a healthy environment in the Ecuadorean Amazon, as this will set a huge precedent for corporate accountability.

Help Chevron come up with a new excuse

So far, Chevron's spokespeople have had a tough time explaining why their company refuses to clean up Ecuador and puts profits ahead of people. At this point, Chevron's refusal to clean up its mess has just become absurd. Looks like the company needs an equally absurd excuse... Help Chevron's spokespeople out, won't you?


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Chevron Is Guilty

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