Chevron’s Shareholder Meeting Moment of Truth

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Historic International Coalition Converge on AGM - Demand Fundamental Change
Thursday, May 24, 2012

The True Cost of

Media Advisory

May 29: 9am pst Tele Press Conference & 6pm Teach-In

(800) 862-9098; (785) 424-1051 Conference ID: RAINFOREST

May 30: 8am pst Shareholder Revolt and Mass Public Protest

- Interviews and Photos Available Now -

San Francisco, CA - Chevron’s Worst Year Ever. On May 29 and 30, shareholders, community and labor leaders from Brazil, Ecuador, Nigeria, Richmond, Angola, and more join the 99% Power coalition to converge on Chevron’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). They will expose why Chevron’s operations cause grave harm to workers, communities, the environment and the economy, while posing risks to shareholders.

A historic global citizen and government revolt has resulted in unprecedented fines against the company in Ecuador, Nigeria and Brazil.

João Antonio de Moraes, National Coordinator of Brazil’s largest oil workers union, the United Federation of Oil Workers, which has filed suit in March demanding the cancelation of all of Chevron’s oil and gas concession contracts in Brazil, said of his decision to join with the United Steelworkers and participate in the coalition: “I want to give the people of California, Chevron’s management, and its investors a first hand account of what this company’s callously negligent behavior means for the people of Brazil. And I want to let Chevron know that its outrageous neglect for local communities and the environment from Brazil to Ecuador, from Nigeria to California, will not go unanswered.”  

Chevron became the third largest corporation in the U.S., the largest in California, and the nation’s third most profitable company in 2011 by sacrificing the safety of its workers, the environment, human rights, the economy, and its shareholders’ investments. In 2012, the cost of these negligent, risky and dangerous operations are catching up to the company.

Chevron’s unwillingness to act in the public interest has spawned a vast public and government revolt. Chevron’s offshore catastrophes in Brazil and Nigeria have led to potential government fines of $22 billion and $3 billion, respectively. Chevron operations result in regular offshore oil spills in Angola. Chevron workers have died on the job in Nigeria, California, and last year in Wales. In Ecuador, the company refuses to cleanup its deadly pollution and pay the $18 billion judgment against it. Chevron’s mindboggling subsidies, paid for by American tax dollars, support one of the wealthiest corporations the world has ever known to produce dirtier oil in more harmful ways. Chevron's polluting Richmond refinery is the single largest stationary source of greenhouse gas emissions in California. Its California tax-dodging has resulted in a $27 million dollar fine in Richmond and potentially tens of billions lost to the state by not paying an oil extraction tax.

Seven shareholder resolutions will be presented to address these critical failures.

On May 29 and 30, those paying the price for Chevron’s profits will tell the company that its bad corporate citizenship and negligent, risky and dangerous operations will no longer be tolerated or subsidized.

May 29, 9 am pst Press Conference (attend in person or by phone)

Rainforest Action Network, 221 Pine Street, SF, CA 94104

Call-In Numbers: (800) 862-9098 (785) 424-1051 Conference ID: RAINFOREST

Featured Speakers:

João Antonio de Moraes, United Federation of Oil Workers, Brazil

Luz Trinidad Andrea Cusangua, ecological farmer from area ravaged by Chevron’s oil contamination, Ecuador.

Emem Okon, Kebetkache Women Development & Resource Centre, Nigeria

Father Raul Tati, renowned human rights leader, Angola

Representative of United Steelworkers Local 5, Richmond, CA

Nile Malloy, Communities for a Better Environment, Richmond, CA

ALSO representatives of the 99% Power Coalition, Occupy Richmond, Occupy San Francisco, and more will be available for questions.

May 29, 6-8pm pst Teach-in, the Brower Center, 2150 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA

May 30, 8-11am pst Shareholder Revolt and Public Protest at Chevron Annual Shareholder Meeting, 6001 Bollinger Canyon, San Ramon, CA

The representatives from Brazil, Ecuador, Nigeria, Angola, Richmond, and more will attend the AGM and participate in a shareholder revolt, presenting seven critical resolutions. Outside, the 99% Power Coalition, MoveOn, Occupy, United Steelworkers,, and local community organizations will hold a colorful, creative, and conspicuous protest.

The True Cost of Chevron began as a handful of Chevron-impacted communities nearly a decade ago, to a network of over 40 community and national organizations, from or representing 20 countries or U.S. states, working together to mount direct challenges to Chevron’s human rights, environmental, climatic, public health, workers rights & other abuses. Authors of three Alternative Annual Reports for Chevron.

99% Power is a broad coalition that includes workers and retirees, families fighting foreclosure and the unemployed, students, immigrants and environmentalists. It is organizing the largest mobilization on shareholder meetings in US history.


Rainforest Action Network runs hard-hitting campaigns to break North America’s fossil fuels addiction, protect endangered forests and Indigenous rights, and stop destructive investments around the world through education, grassroots organizing, and non-violent direct action. For more information, please visit: