5 Fun Facts About Rebecca Tarbotton

We encourage you to visit Rebecca Tarbotton's memorial page to celebrate her life and share memories with the RAN community. If you would like to learn about Rainforest Action Network's current leadership, please click here.

  1. Becky speaks three languages: English, French and Ladakhi. She learned the last as a community organizer in Ladakh, India.
  2. Becky started out in the sustainable food movement – way before it was cool! She’s campaigned against GMO’s and for local community-based agriculture around the world.
  3. Since the very beginning of her career, Becky has been a human rights activist– her first job was working with Indigenous communities on Baffin Island in Canada.
  4. Becky is featured in a recent documentary film on the true cost of coal in America: http://dirtybusinessthefilm.com/
  5. In addition to a good glass of red wine and long walks on the beach, Becky enjoys confronting greedy corporate execs both in and out of the boardroom. In 2009, her corporate savvy led RAN to win a sector wide bank policy limiting the financing of coal-fired power plants.