Tell HSBC: Stop the Illegal Land Grab in Collingwood Bay!

The people of Collingwood Bay have built their culture and livelihoods around the primary forest and pristine marine environment that surrounds their community in Papua New Guinea. 

Now their way of life and ancestral lands are under attack by palm oil giant KLK. They've brought their complaints to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), the organization which is supposed to stop illegal land grabs, but the response from the RSPO has been slow. Meanwhile KLK has continued to push its agenda—landing a barge with palm oil seeds and security personnel in Collingwood Bay. 

It's time for this to stop. HSBC is a principal bank to KLK, and has the power to stop this entire land grab in its tracks. Will you take a moment to send HSBC a note, demanding that they take immediate action to halt KLK's theft of the Collingwood Bay community's

Will you sign?