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The True Cost of Coal

(Photo: Emrah Gurel, AP) This week a double tragedy has struck the coal mining industry.

On Monday night in West Virginia, a coal outburst at a Patriot-operated mine killed two miners. And on Tuesday an explosion and fire at a coal mine in Western Turkey  killed at least 245, with hundreds more still missing.

Our hearts and minds are with the miners and their families.

These disasters underscore the horrific cost of “cheap” and dirty energy.  Miners’ deaths such as these are preventable. We call on coal companies to immediately improve labor conditions, and on the governments of Turkey and the United States to strengthen their regulatory oversight of the coal industry.

At the same time, here at Rainforest Action Network, we are reflecting on the less noticed human cost of coal.  Every year, more than one million people die of the air pollution that comes from burning coal. 150,000 more die from the extreme weather events aggravated by climate change–and coal is the single biggest driver of global warming.

All of this points to an obvious conclusion. We must not continue to make these sacrifices in order to produce energy from such a dirty and unsustainable source. Coal is a dangerous and outdated fuel, and in the 21st century we should not be using it to power our homes, schools, hospitals and businesses. It is past time for us to shift our energy production to clean, safe renewable power.

Kennedy vs. Blankenship Debate And Tweetcast

Don Blankenship: CEO of Massey EnergyRobert F. Kennedy, Jr.This Thursday evening, deep in the heart of West Virginia, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will be going head-to-head with the fourth largest coal producer in the US- CEO of Massey Energy, Don Blankenship. These two opposing forces will square off on the controversial topic of mountaintop removal coal mining at the Forum on the Future of Energy at the University of Charleston. Co-hosted by Waterkeeper Alliance and Rainforest Action Network (RAN), this unique debate pits a lifelong environmentalist and president of Waterkeeper Alliance against King Coal himself. The debate will be broadcast locally in Charleston, livestreamed by Waterkeeper Alliance, and Tweetcast by Director of RAN's Global Finance Campaign, Ms. Amanda Starbuck. Edwin Welch, President of University of Charleston, will be moderating. Not holding one of the coveted tickets to the event? Attend the debate virtually: 1. Submit your questions to the University of Charleston 2. Follow @RAN and @Waterkeeper on Twitter 3. Become Facebook fans of Rainforest Action Network or The Dirty Lie 3. Tune into the livestream on at 6:15pm EST, Thursday, Jan. 21 If you care about conservation, West Virginia, coal, energy policy, or just seeing a really good fight- be there!

RFK, Jr. On Mountaintop Removal

Don Blankenship On Global Warming

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