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Response to Hillary Clinton’s announced opposition to Keystone XL Pipeline Project


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

CONTACT: Laurel Sutherlin,, 415-246-0161

Response by Lindsey Allen, Rainforest Action Network executive director to Hillary Clinton’s announced opposition to Keystone XL Pipeline Project 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015 (San Francisco)  In response to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s announcement today that she opposes the Keystone XL pipeline, Rainforest Action Network (RAN) Executive Director Lindsey Allen issued the following statement:

"We are encouraged to see that grassroots organizing, peaceful direct action, and common sense has moved Hillary Clinton from being ‘inclined to support’ the KXL pipeline to vocal opposition of this outdated, short-sighted, dirty energy project. 

"The KXL pipeline was all set to be yet another rubber stamped, fossil-fuel time bomb. Now it is an example of how people power can change business as usual  and it is further evidence of the growing movement to Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground. Not in 2050, not in 2030, not in 2020  but today.

"It's time for President Obama to fully commit to a clean energy future and finally reject the KXL pipeline once and for all.”   

In 2013, Rainforest Action Network joined with CREDO Action and the Other 98% to launch the Keystone Pledge of Resistance. Almost 100,000 people have committed to engage in non-violent civil disobedience, if Obama signals he’ll approved the pipeline. In organizing the Pledge, RAN trained over 450 “action leads” to organize these actions and saw more than  3,000 trained to participate in peaceful, direct action to stop the pipeline.




San Francisco Rallies to Reject Keystone XL

Last night, as part of a day of action that saw events in all fifty states, 300 Bay Area #NoKXL activists rallied in front of a State Department office in downtown San Francisco. RAN staff was proud to participate, along with our friends at CREDO and Idle No More.  


RAN climate campaigner Todd Zimmer fired up the crowd:


What do we want? Climate justice!


Idle No More's beautiful banners:


Pennie Opal Plant, of Idle No More, spoke to the proposed pipeline's impact on frontline communities: 


An activist sent a message to President Obama:


RAN's climate and energy program director, Amanda Starbuck, on the devastation Keystone XL would wreak on the climate:


RAN staffers Sophie Roudané (center, in scarf) and Andrea Skinner (far right): 


Be sure to check out pictures from rallies across the country

The #NoKXL Movement Shows Up in Force

Yesterday the movement to stop Keystone XL showed up in force once again, with thousands of you coming together at 158 events in all 50 states—all organized in about 72 hours! Even more impressive, many events happened in the bitter cold of winter, with temperatures in the single digits in many locations.

There were too many incredible moments from yesterday to name them all, but here are some of our favorites: hundreds encircled the federal building in Seattle with the message “Climate Justice Now, Reject Keystone XL”; Indigenous communities across the country held #OcetiRising solidarity vigils with the Oceti Sakowin pipeline fighters on the Keystone XL route; Nebraska residents rallied outside the offices of Brad Ashford (D-NE) to condemn his vote for pro-Keystone legislation; in DC, we delivered 500,000 petition signatures to the president (including many from RAN members!); and in San Francisco, 300 people joined RAN, Idle No More, and CREDO for a rally in the financial district.

Together we demonstrated our dedication to stopping this pipeline, no matter what it takes, and to keeping a laser-like focus on President Obama, no matter what sideshows go on in Congress and elsewhere. At the end of the day, this is still the president’s decision to make, and we’re not going to relent until he does the right thing and rejects this dangerous, destructive project for good.

Thank you to everyone who came out to hold signs in the bitter cold, chant, and tell the president to reject KXL now!

Via our friends at the Sierra Club, check out the full story of yesterday’s events below: 

Be sure to check out our gallery of pictures from last night's big rally in San Francisco

Keystone XL Opponents Rally in All 50 States

January 13, 2015

Dallas Goldtooth, Indigenous Environmental Network, 507-412-7609
Claire Sandberg, Rainforest Action Network,, 646-641-6431
Josh Nelson, CREDO,, 202-550-6175
Karthik Ganapathy,,, (347) 881-3784
Mark Westlund, Sierra Club,, 415-977-5719
David Turnbull, Oil Change International,, 202-316-3499

Keystone XL Opponents Rally in All 50 States

In coast to coast rallies, thousands call on President Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline immediately

Full map of events:
Photos from today’s rallies:

Thousands of local activists rallied at events in all 50 states Tuesday to urge President Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline because the project fails the president’s own climate test. Following the conclusion of the Nebraska court case that the president cited as part of the process that was delaying his decision, people from all walks of life called on President Obama to reject Keystone XL without delay.

At 158 separate events from Maine to Los Angeles, thousands of activists chanted, sang songs, and held signs and banners calling on President Obama to reject Keystone XL, with many weathering frigid temperatures in the single digits. High school students rallied in Mission, South Dakota on the Rosebud Sioux Indian reservation, where tribal leaders recently called Keystone XL "an act of war." In Nebraska, Omaha Pipeline Fighters rallied outside the offices of U.S. Rep Brad Ashford (D-NE) to condemn his vote for pro-Keystone legislation in Congress. Hundreds encircled the Henry Jackson Federal Building in Seattle. In Milwaukee, WI, activists spelled out, "Reject KXL Now" in lights on a highway overpass. In Washington, D.C., a coalition of groups delivered 500,000 signatures calling on President Obama to issue a final rejection on Keystone.

"Across the Cheyenne River Lakota Nation prayer rallies are taking place from small villages to larger towns, in an unprecedented effort of solidarity with all working hard to stop Keystone XL. We are praying President Obama will have courage to not only veto a KXL bill, but reject the presidential permit!” said Joye Braun, member of Unci Maka Defenders.

“We must not allow the black snake into our camps. We must send our voice to President Obama that we support him in his rejection of the KXL pipeline. We count on him now to be an ally of Mother Earth and not an enemy,” said Wioweya Najin Win, Owe Aku (Bring Back the Way & International Justice Project.)

“The power to organize, the power to educate ourselves, the power to support the farmers and ranchers in their fight to protect their land, the power to connect in person and share our energies to keep our opposition strong. This has always made a difference. We stood up to let Rep. Ashford know his vote is unacceptable and to stand with Pres. Obama in vetoing KXL,” said Deirde Evans, Omaha Pipeline Fighter and Bold Nebraska Volunteer.

“Failing to reject Keystone XL would be a devastating blow to President Obama’s legacy,” said Elijah Zarlin, a senior campaign manager at CREDO, adding “it would blunt all the momentum President Obama has built with strong progressive actions in recent weeks.” Zarlin continued, “There are no longer any excuses to avoid making a decision on Keystone XL. President Obama must seize his moral responsibility and immediately reject the Keystone XL pipeline.”

“History will judge President Obama harshly if he fails to reject Keystone XL,” said Rainforest Action Network Climate Program Director Amanda Starbuck. “If the president is serious about his legacy on climate change, a clear ‘no’ on this destructive project is the only course of action. The science is clear: to avoid a climate catastrophe, we have to leave nearly all Canadian tar sands oil in the ground. It’s time for the president to reject the pipeline.”

“We’re here today to send one message loud and clear to this White House: the time for rejection is now,” said Jason Kowalski, Policy Director for “A lot’s changed since we began this campaign, but the facts haven’t — Keystone XL puts American land, air, and water at risk while releasing tons of new carbon into the atmosphere to hasten the worst impacts of climate change. It’s bad public policy, but President Obama’s in a better position than ever before to put this issue to bed, and reject this pipeline once and for all."

"There's a healthy and growing movement of people in this country who want to see dirty fuels like tar sands stay in the ground and move rapidly to clean energy. The events taking place today across the nation let President Obama know that the people have his back. If the president denies the Keystone XL pipeline it attests to the fact that nobody voted for dirty air, polluted water, and climate denial," said Michael Brune, Sierra Club Executive Director.

“Today’s nationwide rallies show that the true climate leadership is in the streets where Americans are demanding action, and not in the oil-soaked halls of Congress. If President Obama hopes to be remembered as a climate leader, now’s the time to reject Keystone XL. The President has all the information — and support — he needs to reject the dirty pipeline today,” said David Turnbull, Campaigns Director, Oil Change International.

"MoveOn members are saying loud and clear that America is ready for strong, bold leadership," said Anna Galland, executive director of Civic Action. "It's time for President Obama to ready his veto pen. Thousands of MoveOn members across the country are making sure he knows we'll have his back when he uses it. We won't allow Republicans to push through dangerous projects like Keystone XL ​or policies that jeopardize our climate and the health of our families."


Mobilize to Reject Keystone XL

After yesterday’s Nebraska Supreme Court decision on the Keystone XL pipeline, the ball is back in President Obama’s court. It’s time for him to reject the pipeline now.

Next Tuesday, organize or join a Reject Keystone XL rally near you!


Yesterday, the Nebraska Supreme Court finally weighed in on whether the proposed pipeline route for Keystone XL was legal. This was the decision we've all been waiting for--the Obama administration put the State Department environmental review process on hold pending the resolution of this case. And now the wait is over.

Unfortunately, the court sided with Big Oil over the Nebraska landowners. But President Obama can still come down on our side, and at the end of the day this decision is still his alone to make. With the question of the Nebraska route now settled, the president has no reason to delay issuing a final rejection on the pipeline.

Join us Tuesday at a rally near you calling on President Obama to reject Keystone XL once and for all.

The bottom line on Keystone hasn’t changed. President Obama vowed that the pipeline won't be built if it it adds significantly to the problem of climate change. And the evidence continues to roll in that the pipeline would be “game over” for the climate; new research published this week in the journal Nature found that if we want to prevent the worst impacts of climate change, nearly all Canadian tar sands need to stay in the ground.

But this pipeline has never been just about the facts. Keystone XL has always also been about power: people power vs. the power of Big Oil. While President Obama has come a long way in recent months—and just last week pledged to veto pro-Keystone legislation working its way through Congress—we know that we won’t win a final rejection unless we step up pressure on the president to reject Keystone now.

That’s why we’re joining with our allies at CREDO, 350, and the Sierra Club to launch a nationwide day of coordinated rallies in communities from coast to coast next Tuesday, January 13th. Will you organize or attend a rally near you?

For years the insiders have predicted that Keystone’s approval was a done deal, and again and again we’ve proven them wrong. We know that we can defeat this pipeline. But we have to be relentless, and force the issue to a head, now more than ever.

President Obama’s recent rhetoric on Keystone has been encouraging, and his promise to veto pro-Keystone legislation is a huge step in the right direction. But it’s not enough. We need to send a clear message to President Obama that if he’s serious about his legacy of global leadership on climate change, history will judge him harshly unless he rejects Keystone XL once and for all.

Let’s show President Obama we mean business. Join us next Tuesday at a Reject KXL rally near you.

President Obama: Reject Keystone XL Once and For All

Yesterday was a watershed moment in our fight to stop Keystone XL. Following weeks of criticism of the pipeline from President Obama, the White House confirmed that the president will veto Republican legislation to approve Keystone.1 That's great news for the climate and for our communities—and a huge victory for the #NoKXL movement. Now it's time for the president to reject the pipeline once and for all.

Tell President Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline!

KXL_Veto_FB_v2.pngPresident Obama's veto threat is a testament to the dedication and resolve of millions of grassroots activists like you who have for years fought to stop this pipeline, against all odds. Together our movement has marched, written letters, sat in at the White House and along the route of the pipeline, and self-organized a large-scale network ready to do whatever it takes to win a rejection on Keystone. Thank you for your commitment.

Yesterday's announcement is the direct result of all of that hard work, and a milestone on the path to killing this pipeline for good. Now, let's take the next step, and push President Obama to reject Keystone once and for all.

Add your voice.

The veto threat is welcome news, but our work isn't finished yet. The new Republican Congress has pledged to keep Keystone at the top of its agenda. Meanwhile, the White House says it's waiting for the results of the State Department approval process before making a final decision.

Enough. President Obama has all the information he needs to do the right thing and reject the pipeline today. He has said that he won't approve the Keystone XL pipeline if it significantly increases carbon pollution.2 Well, the evidence is in, and it is overwhelming: Keystone XL utterly fails the climate test. In fact, the pipeline would light the fuse to the continent’s biggest carbon bomb. It would kill any hope for keeping climate change within two degrees of warming. Any spill would devastate communities along the pipeline route, contaminate drinking water, and wreck delicate ecosystems.

President Obama's veto threat is a huge step in the right direction, but it's not enough. We need him to finish the job and issue a clear "no" on this disastrous project now. Call on him to reject the Keystone XL pipeline today.



1. "Obama Will Veto Keystone XL Legislation, White House Says", NPR, January 6, 2015

2. "Obama Won't Approve Keystone Pipeline Unless It Passes New Test", National Journal, June 26, 2013

President Obama: Reject the Keystone XL Pipeline

Keystone XL fails President Obama’s own climate test. It’s time for the president to reject the pipeline once and for all.

President Obama,

I’m writing to ask you to reject the Keystone XL pipeline once and for all.

Environmental Protection Agency comments submitted to the State Department review process confirm, in no uncertain terms: Keystone XL utterly fails the climate test that you set, when you affirmed that the project would go ahead only if it didn’t significantly increase carbon pollution.

In fact, the pipeline would light the fuse to the continent’s biggest carbon bomb and kill any hope for keeping climate change within two degrees of warming. Any spill would devastate communities along the pipeline route, contaminate drinking water and wreck delicate ecosystems.

Now more than ever, we need you to finish the job and issue a clear "NO" on this disastrous project now. I urge you to reject the Keystone XL pipeline today.

9,542 signatures

Canada Approves Northern Gateway Pipeline, Opponents Vow Fierce Resistance

"We will defend our territories whatever the costs may be."

— Alliance of 31 First Nations

This week, despite broad public opposition, Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper approved Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline. The Northern Gateway pipeline, seen as a backup option to the Keystone XL pipeline that is currently mired down in a political quagmire in the U.S., would ship 500,000 barrels of bitumen a day through British Columbia to the Pacific coast.

The approval sparked loud protest from First Nations groups and environmentalists. Opposition to Enbridge has already been heightened in British Columbia and with the Harper government’s announcement, opponents took to the streets of Vancouver and promised fierce resistance to the pipeline.


First Nations groups in Canada, which have long fought the pipeline, vowed to defend their land and their sovereignty with no surrender. In an unprecedented show of unity, 31 First Nations and tribal councils have signed a letter announcing their intention to "vigorously pursue all lawful means to stop the Enbridge project."

Furthermore the Uni’stot’en Clan has maintained a blockade encampment in the path of Enbridge and other proposed pipelines on their territory in British Columbia since 2009. Upon the Northern Gateway announcement they stated they “are prepared to continue to defend their territories against the incursion of government and industry.”

The environmental left has also vowed to fight back against Northern Gateway.  Direct actions, protests and legal battles are being planned to stop the pipeline.

Immediately after the announcement,  environmentalists launched sit-ins in Member of Parliament offices in opposition to the decision. Four were arrested at the office of James Moore, Conservative MP and Minister of Industry.

One of the four was Jackie DeRoo, MBA, a mother and retired businesswoman: “I'd never even been to a protest until Northern Gateway came along and I began to learn about climate change,” she said. “If ordinary citizens like me are willing to get arrested to stop this project, Harper can expect blockades that will make Clayoquot look like a picnic.

At the same time as the Northern Gateway pipeline and Keystone XL campaigns,  Enbridge have lobbied for a system of pipelines to send hundreds of thousands of barrels of tar sands south to refineries on the Gulf Coast. Enbridge has multiple pipelines proposed in the United States.

The oil giants are not backing off on draining the Alberta tar sands of every last drop of oil. Nor should the opposition back off in the slightest.

Photo: Direct action at Minister of Industry James Moore's office

XL Dissent: "We Are Building A Culture of Resistance"

keystone_dc_protest_ccThis Sunday, over one thousand young people will descend on the White House. By the end of the day, hundreds of them, most of them students at more than 200 colleges and universities, will be arrested. There’s something happening here. Just days after a U.S. State Department review determined that ERM, an oil industry contractor and dues-paying member of the American Petroleum Institute, was capable of an unbiased review of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, hundreds of youth activists will be risking arrest outside the White House as part of XL Dissent. Their objective is to secure a rejection of the climate-killing Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and to hold President Obama accountable for his campaign promise to safeguard climate stability by “end(ing) the tyranny of oil.” The stakes are high for both Obama’s Democratic Party and for these young people. Many commentators are quick to point out a well-worn political calculus: millennials helped elect Obama, and his party's success relies on their continued support (youth delivered 80 electoral votes for Obama in 2012, enough to swing the election in his favor). Indeed, many core XL Dissent student organizers cast their first votes for Obama in 2012. One student organizer took a year off college to work on his campaign. She'll be risking arrest this Sunday. [caption id="attachment_23179" align="alignright" width="150"]Evan Bell Evan Bell (Tufts ‘15)[/caption] Clearly, there’s a lot more at stake for the XL Dissenters than midterm vote counts. As the students are quick to point out, their very future is on the line. According to Evan Bell (Tufts ‘15), the prospect of Obama approving Keystone XL “horrifies me. I’m afraid the climate won’t support me, won’t support my children.” President Obama and D.C. policymakers need to take a hard look at who police will arrest this Sunday. Many of them were too young to vote in the 2012 election. Some of those arrested will still be in high school. XL Dissent should give Obama pause, and force the president to consider who loses if Big Oil wins. He should see his own daughters in the faces of those who are arrested at his doorstep this weekend. There’s a watershed quality to XL Dissent. While opposition to Keystone XL has been spurred by grassroots and indigenous resistance (see Tar Sands Blockade, Ogalala Sioux and others), national environmental organizations have played a major role in coordinating D.C. movement gatherings. XL Dissent is different, then, because it was conceived and organized from below, by the students themselves. As Evan Bell told me, “Every decision, message point, and recruitment effort has been led by a young person.” [caption id="attachment_23178" align="alignright" width="150"]Aly Johnson-Kurts Aly Johnson-Kurts (Smith ’16)[/caption] What’s more, these students are on a more radical footing than beltway organizations. Aly Johnson-Kurts (Smith ’16) told me “civil disobedience is necessary because of huge corporate power. The inside game isn’t going to work.” More and more, these young people are placing their hope in distributed networks of resistance, rather than in a president who ran on hope as a platform. They’re hovering in a space between fear, anger, and radical hope. They know their futures are on the line and feel more accountable to each other and frontline communities than elected politicians. “We’re building a culture of resistance,” Evan Bell told me. Thank goodness for XL Dissent. I know where my climate hope lies: with the dissenters. Go to to read about the action, donate, and see the faces of the XL Disent. And be sure to follow the action this Sunday. PS - One way to back up the students risking arrest at XL Dissent this weekend is to pledge to match their commitment. Sign the Keystone XL Pledge of Resistance and join the civil disobedience movement to stop the pipeline.

3 Outrageous Claims the Media Is Making About Keystone XL

Here are the 3 most outrageous things the media is saying about the Keystone XL pipeline: “Tar sands oil will be developed and transported to the gulf coast, with or without a pipeline...” You can read the full #KXLBullshit from Newsweek here. The Keystone XL pipeline and the future development of tar sands is not inevitable, in fact to secure a stable climate, we must keep this dirty fuel in the ground. It’s clear to all of us that tar sands oil shouldn't be transported at all, by pipe or train or llama or bucket brigade! “It will create thousands of jobs and will have minor environmental impacts.” KXL_Badge You can read the full #KXLBullshit from Forbes here. Yes, a couple thousand jobs would be created temporarily to build it. After that, the consensus is that around 35 permanent jobs would be created in an economy of 150 million people. Does this factor in economic instability and displacement caused by climate change? No, because it’s pure #KXLBullshit. “Environmentalists get back to your serious work, the Keystone XL isn’t it.” You can read the Washington Post’s editorial board taking their work "seriously" here. Hey “Editorial Board,” what could be more serious than a thousand-mile-long tar sands pipeline that threatens millions of people’s water and contributes the equivalent of 6 million tailpipes-worth of climate pollution every year? Yeah, you get the coveted triple-starred #KXLBullshit award on this one. Have you seen any outrageous claims about Keystone XL in the media? If you do, call it out using the hashtag #KXLBullshit. Tell the State Department you think the entire thing is #KXLBullshit HERE.  

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