This brief introduction to RAN's media reference materials covers why media is a necessary tool for spreading your message.
RAN's Media primer explores the key components of a newsworthy story.
RAN's Media primer outlines how to get the most out of your media events.
RAN presents essential tips and tricks for pitching your advocacy news story to the press.
How to make sure your message is clearly communicated during a television interview.
The essential elements, structure, and form for press releases and advisories.
An excellent example of an opinion piece for a newspaper. (An Open Letter to New Ford CEO Allan Mulally.)
Principles of Climate Justice endorsed by a network of environmental groups.
A simple list of ways to describe RAN and the work we do. Ex. “RAN works to transform the global marketplace to protect the environment and Indigenous peoples. We run hard-hitting corporate campaigns to pressure corporations to take the environment and human rights into account when doing business. We run campaigns against big banks, pressuring them to stop investing in environmentally destructive projects.
Some very interesting questions come up when tabling for RAN. Here's a short list of how to answer them.