The only “green” in agrofuels is the color of corporate profits
Palm oil is in products Americans use everyday, from breakfast cereal to cleaning supplies. It’s also destroying rainforests, communities and the global climate.
Touching every aspect of our food supply from farmer’s gate to your dinner plate, Cargill Inc. is the corporation in your food supply that you are least likely to know. With annual revenues of over $119 billion (bigger than the GDP of 70% of the world’s countries), Cargill is the world’s largest trader of grains, the largest privately held corporation and one of a very small handful of agribusiness giants that collectively are shaping the increasingly globalized food system to their advantage. Read this fact sheet for more information on Cargill.
Want to know more about why we oppose the Keystone XL pipeline? Get the key facts on energy security, gas prices, jobs, safety and the climate.
A fact sheet about Mountaintop Removal.
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Rainforest Action Network’s new briefing, “Why Disney Must Act to Save Indonesia’s Rainforests”, profiles the climate, biodiversity and human rights issues that are making the protection of Indonesia’s remaining rainforests a top global conservation priority. Unfortunately, Disney is still using paper in its books that is tightly linked to Indonesian rainforest destruction.