Don't Let Big Banks Destroy the Great Barrier Reef!

Stand with RAN as we demand that Wall Street not destroy the Great Barrier Reef.

The coal industry is embarking on a project that would destroy the Great Barrier Reef by massively expanding a coal terminal and building new coal mines in eastern Australia. The resultant dredging and ship traffic would devastate this delicate ecosystem and global treasure. The climate impacts would be terrible as well -- doubling coal production in Australia, already one of the world's worst offenders in mining this dirty fossil fuel.

But the coal industry needs international bank funding to make their reckless new project happen. Several European banks have already made public commitments not to fund this horrifically destructive project. Stand with RAN as we push the big Wall Street banks to do the same. 

Take action now, and tell Wall Street you won't stand for them destroying the Great Barrier Reef.  

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Wall Street must not finance the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef by funding the coal industry’s reckless scheme to expand the Abbot Point coal terminal. The expansion would devastate a delicate ecosystem and lead to terrible damage to the climate. Make a public commitment not to fund this horrifically destructive project now! 


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