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All Protect-An-Acre Grants

Traditional U'wa Authority and the U'wa Defense Working Group
$1,081 to create a means of communication through which members of the Traditional U'wa Authority and the U'wa Defense Working Group can communicate efficiently, expeditiously and safely.
Citizens for Environmental Safety
$5,000 to support an effort to create an alternative source of income through the cultivation of rubber trees and the sustainable management of the 247 hectare NDE community forest, which would help provide protection from illegal timber dealers.
Telapak Indonesia
$5,016 to help with maintaining a continued presence of Environmental Investigation Agency and Telapak Indonesia campaigners in both Jakarta and Central Kalimantan in order to increase pressure on national and regional authorities to investigate and track the sale of illegal timber to consuming markets, especially the United States.
Project Underground
$5,000 in support of the First International Gold Summit, organized with regional NGOs and communities that are affected by gold mining.
Eyak Preservation Council
$5,000 to support a grassroots advocacy campaign directed towards building support for a comprehensive conservation easement alternative to the Bering River extraction project proposed by the Chugach Alaska Corporation.