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All Protect-An-Acre Grants

Mishkeegogamang and Saugeen Communities Anishnaabekwe
$5,000 grant to support efforts led by Ojibway women to initiate one the largest forest blockades in north western Ontario history due to the unresponsiveness of Bowater, which has been logging and spraying chemicals on the First Nation's territory without authorization.
Federation of Huilliche de Chiloé Communities
$5,000 to work with three Huilliche communities (82 families) on the island of Chiloé to preserve its native forests through land title initiatives and creating sustainable income-generating opportunities in the newly created 10,000 acre Huilliche National Park.
Indigenous Network on Economies and Trade (INET)
$5000 for organizing a special training camp and meeting for First Nations communities working to gain control over and protect the forests on their traditional land and to help these communities bring their concerns to the international level.
Coordination of Mapuche Organizations and Territorial Identities
$500 to support a Mapuche organized counter-summit to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum in Pucon, Chile, a region that has a large Mapuche population.
The Julian Cho Society
$1,000 to allow JCS' Chair, Cristina Coc, to travel this summer to coordinate the legal registration of JCS and to hold meetings and coordinate efforts with other Indigenous and environmental leaders with the aim of building the organization in order to carry on the work of Julian Cho, who was murdered for his leadership in the struggle for rainforest conservation and Maya land rights